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  • Facials

    Our facials include extractions, mask, exfoliation and are designed for your skin condition and needs.
    • Custom Facial $105
      A thorough facial that consists of a skin analysis, mask with steam, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, massage, nourishment with oxygen or a post mask.
    • Custom Facial 1.5 $125
      A 80 minute facial that includes skin analysis, exfoliation, mask with steam, massage, deep pore cleansing, post lifting or calming mask and nourishment.
    • Teen or "Young Adult" Custom Facial $75
      A Custom Facial at a discounted price for students in Grade School or College. Covers a solution for acne prone and hormonal imbalanced skin.
    • Spiced Chocolate Facial $115
      These holiday aromas of cinnamon, cloves, and a powerful antioxidant such as dark chocolate will indulge you in a radiant experience having you holiday ready! Hydrating, and livens up dull skin giving off a jolly glow!
    • Hanacure Deluxe $165
      A full on deluxe facial treatment that includes a pre-mask with steam for deep pore cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, massage, and a Hanacure treatment mask and ending with nourishment and protection of the skin.
    • Winter Skin Quench Series

      • H2Glow $135
        A treatment from our "Winter Skin Quench Series" of brightening, hydrating, and healing. Bringing down inflammation in the skin while quenching tissue with moisture as you transition from winter to spring.
      • Milk and Honey $135
        Start rescuing your skin from the winter with soothing support milk acids and nutrient-rich extracts. This leaves the skin renewed, hydrated, and nourished. 
  • Spring Awakening Treatments

    Seasonal treatments that focus on exfoliation to aid with brightening and removing dullness, while infusing nutrients with serums and masks.
    • Flower Power Revival $135
      This treatment boosts your skin with ultra hydration combining flower acids to stimulate collagen, brighten up hyperpigmentation, and deliver vital nutrients and antioxidants that will make your skin more youthful.
    • Spring Renew Peel $150
      A progressive (light) peel that will strengthen and hydrate your skin, while improving elasticity, dehydration, photo aging with enzymes and flower acids. Buy a package of 3 and save $45.
  • Peels

    We offer several peels, such as Glycolic, Lactic, Jessner, AHA, Salicylic and more!
    • Custom Peels $125,165
      A formulated Rhonda Allison Peel according to the condition of your skin and it's needs. It could vary from a Progressive (lighter) peel to a Deep Peel.  Post care instructions or follow up appts. included.  For more information please look at the website menu. 
    • Candy Apple Peel $135
      A progressive (light) peel, using a unique polishing glow, layered with the apple wine peel and topped off with a vitamin A peptide infusion for a pro-youth glow and rejuvenation. Great for dehydrated aging skin with no post-peel downtime
    • Pumpkin Apple Peel $135
      Awaken skin to all the flavors of fall.  Rhonda Allison’s NEW Pumpkin Apple Fall Peel uses the natural benefits of apples and pumpkin to firm and tone for a refined look while nourishing and brightening dull, dry summer skin.  You will love the pro-youth results just in time for holiday festivities!  Great for smoker’s skin, too!
    • Unwrap and Glow Peel $135
      Clients who want a merry and bright appearance will want to book this progressive peel. This flower acid peel has minimal downtime and produces a refreshing youthful result.
    • The Melanin Lift $150
      A layered mid-depth peel that lightens and brightens the skin with fruit acids, and the TCA chemical peel, along with brightening extracts, used to lighten up hyperpigmentation due to sun damage and hormonal imbalances.
  • Hydra Facials

    A Hydra Facial using the Ion Fusion MD aquafacial model will exfoliate, combine a red/blue LED, and induct the collagen using hyaluronic based serums for the face.
    • Hydra Facial Deluxe $200
      A H20 treatment using the Ion Fusion MD machine, steam and DPC prep mask, extractions (included with no charge), exfoliation, collagen stimulation, oxygenation and red/blue light therapy. Great for acne, hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, and healing.
    • Hydra Facial $150
      An H20 Ion Fusion MD treatment exfoliating and infusing nourishment into the skin while delivering oxygen into the cellular level. Red/blue light therapy also aids with killing bacteria on skin and stimulating collagen.
  • Microdermabrasion

    A diamond tip crystal less microdermabrasion treatment combined with a customization facial.
    • Diamond Microdermabrasin Deluxe $145
      A full custom facial with a diamond tip microdermabrasion treatment. Also included is a mask with steam, extractions, and nourishment for the skin.
    • Diamond tip no extractions $75
      A microdermabrasion using a diamond tip wand that is crystal less and a wash with a hot towel and custom hydration/nourishment for the face, neck, and chest. This service can be used as an add on to a custom facial, peel, hydra facial, or dermaplaning treatment.
  • Dermaplaning

    • Dermaplaning Deluxe $165
      Dermaplaning does a more detailed epilating exfoliation while removing hair, it is combined with a full custom facial of extractions, steam, exfoliation and customized hydration/nourishment for the face.
    • Dermaplaning $65
      Deep exfoliating dead skin cells and vellus hair on the face. To include Deep Pore Cleaning, add to the Custom Facial.
  • Sugaring and Waxing

    Sugar removes hair deeper from the hair follicle, preventing hair from returning 6-8 weeks depending on the level of hair growth during removal process. Waxing removes hair with a strip wax and lasts 4-6 weeks. 
    • Lip sugar $15
      Removal of upper lip hair with the sugaring process. 
    • Brow Wax $25
      Brow waxing, shaping and trimming if needed. Tweezing only for compromised skin or by request.
    • Chin Wax $20
      Depending on hair growth on chin will determine the price of the sugaring or waxing. If combined with a lip wax or sugar, then it will be $15 versus $20.
    • Full Face Sugar $45
      Removal of unwanted facial hair with the sugaring process.
    • Underarm Wax or Sugar $40
      Sugaring of the underarms, leaving skin smooth and hairless. Expect growth to come back 4-6 weeks, depending on the level of hair growth removed.
    • Bikini Sugar $35
      Basic Bikini Line hair removal with sugar technique
    • Brazilian Sugar $60
      A more bare approach for the Bikini Line.  A landing strip or completely bare is optional.
    • Back Wax $50
      Removal of the back hair with the wax or sugar technique, followed with a cleanse and hot towel with product to prevent ingrown.
    • Full Leg Wax $75
      From the toes to upper thighs, this wax will leave your stems smooth silky.
    • Half Leg Wax $60
      From the ankles to above the knee, this wax will have you ready for shorts or that LBD.
  • Tints and Lifts

    Vegetable based dyes for the lashes and custom color dye combined for the perfect brow shade is used to tint the lashes or brows.
    • Lash Tint $30
      Vegetable based dye to darken natural lashes.
    • Lash Lift $75
      A lift of the lashes adds a nice curl for up to 4-6 weeks and enhances volume in lashes without needing to curl. It makes eyelashes more noticeable.
    • Brow Tint $25
      Brow tint not only covers gray or white hairs, but it gives the face color that compliments the features. A custom color is applied to give the best results.
    • Brow Treatment (wax and tint) $50
  • Back Treatments

    Basically a "bacial" or back treatment can be any facial treatment used on the back to help balance the skin condition or just a revamp at the end of a season.
    • Back Treatment "Bacial" $75
      A custom treatment specified for the back. A microdermabrasion or peel can be combined or added to the treatment.
    • Chest wax or sugar $65
      Hair removal on the chest along with a hot towel, cleanser and toner to soothe the area post removal of hair.
Aesthetician : Nicole Cato